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Winefully was born from our passion for wines of excellence and the desire to build a place capable of celebrating their complexity and charm. This project takes the form of a wine shop that focuses on the high quality of selected labels, supports their refinement and evolution over time, and develops a direct relationship with producers and customers. We strive to build a buying experience that is curated in every detail, almost sartorial because of the attention we pay to the needs of each customer: preview sales, storage in storage, private auctions. We also organize moments to meet and share, namely tasting evenings, winery visits, meetings with producers and more. Events designed to pay tribute to wine as a vector of intense emotions and sociability.

Andstudios ha costruito un sito che potesse esprimere al meglio la linea estetica della galleria. Coordinato con il branding fatto, il sito lascia ampio spazio alle immagini delle icone di Design di Galleria Rossella Colombari. Nella parte non visibile dall’utente, Andstudios ha costruito un CMS system personalizzato con relativo back-end per una gestione dei contenuti autonoma ed ottimizzata da parte della galleria.

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